Introducing Leuk van Linda

I like to  introduce myself, I am Linda, founder of this  webshop.

Dining is something very important for me!
And it does not matter whether that is the dining table, table or the garden table.

I like to chat with family, friends or colleagues during a dinner or a drink.
I pay a lot of attention to the decoration of the table.

When I'm on holiday abroad I can not walk past a market or shop without first having seen all those nice dishes.
It is so beautiful to discover that every country or culture has its own colors and patterns.
That is how my love for these colorful dishes, bowls and plates started.

Back in the Netherlands I enjoy it immensely setting my table with all these beautiful handmade products.
I started my webshop because I want to let everyone enjoy my passion for a beautifully set table.

Because a delicious meal or a tasty snack tastes even better when it is nicely presented, whether you are alone, with two or with a large group !

Have a lot of fun  looking around my webshop