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The Tagine

Cooking has been going on for centuries in clay pots.

The Tagine is an old pan from North Africa made from clay.

Clay holds the heat well so that the dishes are heated evenly and  cook slowly.

How do you use the Tagine?

Before first use, we recommend to soak the Tagine in water for 24 hours.

If you do not use the Tagine often, you should preferably soak it for an hour before use.

Before the first use, grease the Tagine with sunflower oil (both the bowl and the lid). Then heat the Tagine on low heat for an hour.

The oil will get into the pottery, after which you can continue to use the Tagine time after time.

The unglazed Tagine dish should always be put into the water one hour beforehand, unless it is used frequently.

This does not apply to the glazed dish.

  • A Tagine is to slowly stew, meat, etc. must be browned in a pan beforehand.
  • The Tagine of clay can not withstand temperature shock !!!
  • Do not add cold ingredients or cold liquids in the hot Tagine.
  • Do not use hot ingredients or hot liquids in a cold Tagine.
  • Slowly heat the Tagine with contents in the oven, never preheat the oven.
  • Slowly heat the Tagine with contents on the gas, always use a proper flame distributor under the Tagine. (not with a hole in the middle)
  • Never place the hot Tagine on a cold worktop or other cold surface.
  • When used on a gas stove, use a suitable double-walled flame distributor.

You can best use the Tagine on a heat source where gradual heating is possible such as gas and oven. (electric and induction cooking often gives too much heating in a short time and is therefore not recommended.)

Which dishes can you prepare?

Use the tagine to prepare fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.

The taste of added herbs and other seasonings during the preparation in the tagine well time to work well together.

The result is a tasty and low-fat dish.


Wash the Tagine by hand with a little washing-up liquid and warm water.

Use a non-metallic brush and do not leave the pottery in water.

Allow the dish to dry well to prevent mold.

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